Basic Sweep - Open Fire
£70 per chimney

Basic Sweep - Wood Burning Stove
£70 per chimney

Basic Sweep - Inglenooks
- Please call for a quote

Standard Multi Fuel Bird Guard Cowls:

​£180 Per Cowl - prices may be affected due to access issues

Anti-down draught cowls​:

£180-250 (depending on model) Per Cowl/cap - prices may be affected due to access issues

Chimney Caps:

£180 Per Cap - prices may be affected due to access issues 

Chimney Pot Prices (all include supply and fitting)
- Please call for a quote

Birds' Nest Removal
- Please call for a quote

Agas and Ray Burners
£100 oil or solid fuel

Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Supplied & Fitted for £35

All prices are a rough guide, the prices may change due to certain circumstances, for example, location frequency of sweeps and the way in which the stove has been installed.

Payment can be accepted by card.
There is a 3% increase in price if paying by card due to the card reader company taking a percentage

Terms & Conditions

It is the responsibility of the customer to read these terms and conditions. Samuel James Chimney Sweep holds no responsibility to advise the customer to do so.

  • As a customer, once an appointment as been made either in writing or verbally, you have the responsibility to inform Samuel James Chimney Sweep if you wish to cancel. 

  • Any cancellations made within 24 hours of the appointment date or no shows (where there is no one at the property for the time of the booking) then a fee will be charged to the customer to recuperate any losses to Samuel James Chimney Sweep. ​ As work could have been arranged elsewhere for that time, this can be the quoted price for the work that was booked in. 

  • ​If the work is unable to be completed upon arrival, due to any reason outside of Samuel James Chimney Sweeps control (eg the condition, location or construction of the chimney system), the original quoted price may still be charged for the call out. ​

  • When fitting an anti downdraught cowl to a customers property, there is no guarantee that this will solve the issue of downdraught. By arranging for Samuel James Chimney Sweep to fit an anti downdraught cowl, the customer accepts that the issue may not be resolved. Any payment for the supplying and fitting of the cowl cannot be refunded. 

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Prices (new prices as of 15/03/2021)