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Sweeping Away Myths: The Essential Guide to Maintaining Wood Burning Stoves with Metal Liners

🔥🏡 Important Reminder for All Wood Burning Stove Owners! 🔥🏡

Hey folks! Today, I want to bust a common myth about wood burning stoves with metal liners. Many believe that if your stove has a metal liner, you're off the hook for regular sweeping. But that's not the case!

🧹 Regular sweeping is crucial, even with a metal liner. Over time, soot and creosote can build up, increasing the risk of chimney fires and reducing the efficiency of your stove.

So, stay safe and keep your cozy fires burning efficiently by scheduling regular sweeps for your wood burning stove, regardless of the liner type. Let's not let a misconception put our homes and safety at risk! 🔥🏠

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