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Types of Fires

It is not uncommon for people to be unaware of the type of fire/chimney they have. To help with this, we have compiled a list of different types of fireplaces and chimneys along with images to help identify them.
There are many different types of fires you can have in your home. Below are a few examples to help you identify yours.

Open Fires
An open fire is just that, it is a fire sat within an opening on a grate, insert into an open flue/ chimney. The only control you have over an open fire is the amount of fuel you put into it.

Open fire

Open fire

Open fire

Open fire

Stoves (also called wood burners/log burners/multi fuel burners)
A stove is a closed appliance; therefore its air intake is controlled by the user which, in turn controls how quickly the fuel burns.

Your stove may have a liner or be unlined, it could instead have a twin wall system.

Chimney Liner is a flexible tube that connects to your stove pipe and lines the inside of your chimney. A flue liner protects your masonry chimney and can improve the efficiency and draught of your stove.

A twin wall flue system offers a way to build a customisable chimney when a traditional brick chimney isn’t present. They simply clip together and are versatile enough to be installed in a number of different situations.
Basically, a twin wall flue is made from a series of sections of insulated stainless steel pipes which are connected together to create a chimney.

Insert stoves are integrated stoves which are built into an opening which can be a standard fireplace or a bespoke opening. They are different from freestanding stoves that sit on a hearth either against a wall or in a opening which is large enough to allow air movement around the stove.

Twin Wall Chimney System

Twin Wall System

Woodburning Stove for a chimney


Woodburning Stove for a chimney

Insert Stove

A metal flexible liner for a woodburning stove

Metal Flexible Liner

An inglenook is a large recess in the wall featuring a fireplace. Whereas a chimney usually protrudes into a room, an inglenook is a type of “walk in” chimney with a recess at its rear. This recess which usually houses the flue or chimney, and extends wider than a standard chimney so as to create walk-in alcoves.
An inglenook fireplace

Inglenook Fireplace

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