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Prices (new prices for bookings made after: 01/09/2021)

​​Please note that prices reflect the health hazard to the chimney sweep and the cost of PPE required to reduce this hazard.

If you would like to learn more about this, please click here

Understandably, the cost of PPE has increased dramatically recently due to world affairs. 


Any price quoted at the time of booking supersedes the prices found on this website. 


​​​Prices may change during the appointment due to certain circumstances, for example (but not limited to); location, frequency of sweeps, a discovered birds nest and the way in which a stove has been installed.

To request a quote or for us to contact you please click here

Type of Fire
Regular Customers
New or Non Regular Customers
Open fire
Stove - with metal liner going all the way up the chimney
Stove - no metal liner
Please Call
Please Call
Bird's Nest Removal
Please Call
Please Call

If you are unsure if your stove has a liner or not, this would be able to be confirmed by the sweep during the appointment

Terms & Conditions

It is the responsibility of the customer to read these terms and conditions, Samuel James Chimney Sweep holds no responsibility to advise the customer to do so. By booking an appointment, it is taken that these Terms & Conditions have been agreed to.


  • As a customer, once an appointment as been made either in writing or verbally, you have the responsibility to inform Samuel James Chimney Sweep if you wish to cancel. 


  • Any cancellations made within one full working day of the appointment date or no shows (where there is no one at the property for the time of the booking) then a fee will be charged to the customer to recuperate any losses to Samuel James Chimney Sweep. ​ As work could have been arranged elsewhere for that time if more notice was given, this can be the quoted price for the work that was booked in. 


  • ​If the work is unable to be completed upon arrival, due to any reason outside of Samuel James Chimney Sweeps control (eg the condition, location or construction of the chimney system), the original quoted price may still be charged for the call out. ​


  • When fitting an anti downdraught cowl to a customers property, there is no guarantee that this will solve the issue of downdraught. By arranging for Samuel James Chimney Sweep to fit an anti downdraught cowl, the customer accepts that the issue may not be resolved. Any payment for the supplying and fitting of the cowl cannot be refunded. 

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